Property Management

Property Management

Buying and Selling fixed assets when you are away from your home country is a daunting task. While selling, we don’t know if the price is right, if the buyer is genuine or how to manage everything sitting in another country. On the buying side things are even more difficult as one would want to spend their hard-earned savings for the best option available. You would want to avoid scams and frauds with the assurance that your investments are meant to generate substantial incremental value for your over time.

Value Remit connects you to quality real estate and developers in various parts of Pakistan with our quality Khaadim Services. Let us know if you have some property to sell and / or you want to buy a property. We would find the best options for you in Pakistan and shall keep you updated on developments like buyer’s interests, prevailing market prices and if at all this is the right time for you to buy or sell a property in Pakistan.

Our network in Pakistan connects you to various vendors who can facilitate you in collecting rents on your behalf from your tenants in Pakistan and further deposit the same in your account. Our network representatives pay visit to your rented premises, contact the tenants, report condition of your rented premises, and facilitate rent collection.

You don’t need to make repeated calls from out of country for rent now as we do the leg work for you. If your premises need any home improvement task, we manage local vendors to facilitate the work to be done with guaranteed satisfaction.

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